Enhancing the Quality of
Prehospital Patient Care

The International Paramedic Registry is dedicated to improving patient outcomes globally by certifying the initial and continued competence of prehospital providers in the latest evidence-based care standards. Our independent, valid and reliable certifications will benefit providers, employers, educators and governmental agencies by increasing accountability, value, professionalism, consumer confidence, and the overall quality of patient care. We do this by:

  • Establishing an international standard of knowledge and skills
  • Validating standard knowledge and skills through an initial and continuing written and skills evaluation process

What is Paramedicine?

In 2017, the International Paramedic Registry launched an international effort to better describe the prehospital profession. Based on nomenclature discussions in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Latin America, the Asian Association for EMS (AAEMS) defines paramedicine and the scope of practice as follows:

Paramedicine is a specialized profession and an essential component of a healthcare system. The paramedic is a professional whose primary focus is to provide immediate, episodic, and unscheduled health care to individuals, families, and communities. Their care is patient-centered and focused on attaining and maintaining optimal health and quality of life.

A paramedic’s practice is specialized in, but not limited to, emergency care and transportation. The paramedic works in a variety of environments, under high-risk conditions, and special events such as disasters and mass casualty incidents. Their care is delivered predominately outside hospitals but may also include clinic and in-hospital settings.

International Paramedic Registry Certifications

Our certification exams are based on accepted international standards and localized to reflect the needs and cultural context of participating countries to develop a set of core minimum competencies. We offer these unique certifications:

Emergency Medical Responder

Basic Prehospital Care Provider

Advanced Prehospital Care Provider